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Clone the Dragons or Balloons? Possible Back-End Balloons with the Haste Spell: One possibility is using Back-End Balloons with your Haste Spell to take down key defenses, possibly an Air Defense. So instead, youll deploy your King and Queen on opposite corners to begin taking down structures. Clone Spell the best way in, clash of Clans making it worth the 4 spell capacity of housing space. In the CWL Season 2 Final, the Dark Looters clan used the Clone Spell on the Dragons, and youll also see that in the video by ClericDragoon Gaming. The spell seems kind of worthless to me and I've never seen it used in War by anyone in my clan or in any of the clans we have faced. As always, you have to decide what is most beneficial for the design of the base you will be attacking.
How It Works: The videos below show that this attack works very well for TH11. Eagle Artillery 's housing space to activation, but don't forget that the Clone Spell itself counts as 15 troop housing spaces. I agree clone is a very underused spell as I feel it only has 2 uses in the game, both with air armies (dragloon and laloon). ClashTrack is a unique clan management site that provides many tools for a variety. I will work on clearing, merging, organizing to make results more precise. Unleash the Troops with the Grand Warden: Your CC Hound, Dragons, and Balloons are deployed along with your Grand Warden. Typically its a 70 2 star on them. It fully utilizes Super Cell s API, so if there is information that. The update on October 12th, 2016 reduced its brewing time from 20 minutes to 12 minutes. Summary, the Clone Spell is a spell that copies troops that enter the spell's radius. Make sure you dont wait too long before doing this.
The time now is 06:29. Due to its housing requirements, it is currently the only spell that can't be donated. Update 1/8/ 2018 : The December 2017 update changed the. The purpose is to create both sides of your funnel so that your Dragons can push to the middle. For this purpose, each. It can clone all troops except for Heroes.

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If more than one troop is inside the deployed Clone Spell, the troop spawned first will be cloned first. And other spells (Healing, Rage, Jump, Freeze) might not even give you 2 stars 90 on a max TH11. Clan, leader of Pine Knob Elite, IGN Reedsburg Rebel, Level 218, Sweet Victory clash of clans forum clan war league 6023. Radius Spell Duration/Cloned Lifespan Housing Space Brewing Time Spell Factory Level Required.5 tiles 10s/30s 3 9 minutes 5 Level Cloned Capacity Cost Research Cost Research Time Laboratory Level Required 1 18 28,000 N/A N/A N/A 2 21 29,500 4,000,000. Update 1/8/2018: The December 2017 update changed the effectiveness of inferno towers. . Retrieved from " m/wiki/Clone_Spell? Learn how to use the. But I do see opponent use the Clone Spell suceessfully to get 2 stars on max TH11 bases. This is vs other max 109k bases.

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Interestingly, the Clone clash of clans forum page in Clash Royale is in a bottle that resembles Dark Elixir spells. Short History Lesson: Ever since it was introduced in the game, the Clone Spell was rarely ever used in Clash of Clans war attacks, mainly because it takes 4 spell housing spaces instead of 2 spaces (like a rage, heal, jump, or freeze spell does). Clone spell though, and while it isn t a perfect spell by any means, it s not worthless. Reply With", april 17th, 2018 #2, i can't get 90 from max 11s in war regardless, because I'm terrible clash of clans forum 2018 at this game. Single-target infernos can roast a dragon quickly, making this attack style not very effective. . Offensive Strategy, try using the cloned units as tanks for the original units as they last for limited time. It has its place, and it s saved. You are going to need very high level heroes to do this. This previously was not possible. .

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Among all permanent Troops and Spells, the clash of clans forum update Clone Spell is the only one whose introduction into the game doesn't also introduce a new upgrade level of the corresponding army building. Fast forward to July 16, 2017, when the Champions War League (CWL) Season 2 Final occurred. I do use the. Reply With", april 17th, 2018 #7.

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This can be useful if you don't have Wall Breakers, Jump Spells or any other means of easily getting past the walls. It will only spawn up. These copied troops are equal in level (and health) to clash of clans forum reddit the original troop. Golemite is assumed to take 15 housing spaces, each. April 17th, 2018 #1. Reply With", april 17th, 2018 #6, it's not like having 2 stars 90 on a max TH11 is the definition of success. Dragloon/clone has got me past 6000 trophies a few timesin multiplayer.

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Army Camps which always combine. Cloud Control - Why are clouds so terrible, and what are the possible ways to get rid of clash of clans forum recruiting them? Turn this Spell into a pop-up army! Reply With", april 17th, 2018 #10, i use dragoon clone to trophy push.
Also, make sure to create a proper funnel to make sure your Dragons will push to the middle of the base. Godson - Gaming, video tags, these tags are automatically taken and were added by video creator. Clone Spells create a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies of troops that enter. Spell Timing and the Grand Wardens Ability: The use and timing of your rage spells and clone spell and the use of the Grand Wardens eternal tome ability are crucial to the success of this attack. It has its place, and it's saved my attacks on a number of occasions, where a Rage, etc wouldn't have been able.

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