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Were now ready to reveal the next Clash of Clans update! Hey Chief, We wanted to give some additional explanation regarding if you can. The registration for the War Leagues are just a few hours ahead and Id like to give you some information how this all works read it here in my guide: click here!
You can only sign up for War Leagues in one Clan. (regular/intense/epic) Wall Wipe Out: Destroy 50/150/250x segments in Versus Battles. (September 21st, 2018) The first Quality of Life changes have been confirmed: Dont be disappointed, the last part clearly says there is more to come Please note it will NOT be released in the Maintenance Break today and. Clan War Leagues and/or regular, clan Wars. You can do Clan War Leagues in one Clan and you can do normal Clan Wars/Friendly Wars in another Clan. Regular Wars and Clan War League Wars - Which Can You Do? Therefore, you cannot do normal Clan Wars or Friendly Wars while in Clan.

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So, just can be something totally unrelated to an update, but who knows? So in the meantime let us know your thoughts on our. War Leagues Details, League Shop, Exclusive Decorations, New Magical Items, New Trap More (October 18th, 2018) Finally some real information on the upcoming update and (how I get it) the last one as well, so we can.

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If youre visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole clash of clans apk file story, youll need to start from the bottom. Oh and did we mention that each Clanmate gets only. The opt-in period will happen once per month, and the. NEW* New Clan Games Tasks: Building Breakdown: Destroy 50/150/250x Buildings in Multiplayer Battles. The higher you climb, the better the rewards (nothing official about the rewards yet, though) 15 vs 15 is small you think? Initially, I thought it will come down to Clan War Leagues but looks like Supercell wants to add some more quality of life improvements for. War League will take. If I'm in Clan A, can I do Clan Wars/Friendly Wars in Clan B? The update is tomorrow so I think we have it now all rounded up Tornado Trap Details (October 20th, 2018) Finally some details regarding the new Tornado Trap.

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Quick Train Improvement clash of clans forum clan war league (October 20th, 2018) The full feature list got just updated with clash of clans forum page a point that I was looking for a very long time: UI Improvements On the Quick Train tab, you now just train the Troops/Spells you used instead of the entire Army. Supercell hasnt released any official information about it but I think it will work in a slowing down effect or dragging people towards the trap way last one would be very interesting as it would change a lot in base design. Your Clan will be grouped with seven other. While the damage is not that much, the slow down effect and the grouping up of troops will open up a lot more possibilities in base designs by combining it with other traps. 25 new Goblin Maps will be added in the next update, with two new Achievements: Get Those Other Goblins!, and Dragon Slayer once you conquer Dragons Lair! If you want to do Clan B's Clan Wars/Friendly Wars, you must leave Clan A and join Clan. Darian confirmed in, forum that you can t do a friendly war or clan war. In this, frequently updated article, I will put up all important things (rumors, my opinion and of course official statements) together to give you guys a good overview whats coming in the next update 2018 especially those of you.

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Oh, as far as I understood this, War Leagues will not replace the regular Clan Wars update: With a couple of questions if that is based on weight clash of clans forum recruiting Darian confirmed that the first 8and only the very. That way you wont accidentally deploy a troop when touching clash of clans forum recruiting the map. Clan War Leagues - Global Top 10, clans. So, this brings me clash of clans forum 2018 to the point to speculate about the next update September has always been a month where nice updates have been released and the last big one was back in June.

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The real BIG thing is the last one, called Dragons Lair that has a special Golden Dragon: Update Delay (October 22nd, 2018 today is the update day announced by Supercell but as we come closer to clash of clans forum general the maintenance break. The premise of the, war Leagues clash of clans forum clan games is simple! Many of you might have already noticed that theres a thread in the official forum going on where Supercell asks what Quality of Life Improvements we, the community, really would like to see (adding new flags. How do you feel about the game and the next update right now?
You will also only get one trap to build and I hope to update soon at what Town Hall it will become available. Your, clan will be grouped with seven other. My Clan is currently in a Clan War. Replays New replay speed available. Resource Collectors Gold Mine: new level added for TH10 Elixir Collector: new level added to TH10 Dark Elixir Collector: new level added to TH10 Up to 200 Wall Pieces can now be upgraded to level 13 (previously only 100 could be upgraded). Clans into a, league. Your Clan will be grouped with seven other Clans into a League.
Im not necessarily against that approach, but there should be some way better rewards to get than only resources or magical items at the end of a Clan War Season. Eagle Artillery Damage per Hit and Shockwave Damage values have been adjusted: Level 1: Hit damage 250 300, shockwave damage. During the course of the. How do we enter a War League? Additional Inferno Tower added to TH12.

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