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Click on the image or here to download this base layout. How often will it appear on your base? There will also be a ranking for best single twitter box clash of clans and best multiple placement. All posts must be related. Having these seasonal decorations in your base shows that you have been playing for a while and are kind of clash of clans th9 a mark to what kind of player you are. Edge-Forcing TH11 Dark Elixir Protection Obstacle Base Click on the image or here to download this base layout. The hard thing is to have them in a place where it wont interrupt future base designs.
TH10 Trophy Base, tH10 DE Protection Base, tH9 Trophy Base. Questions and answers about the Clash of Clans video game. Conclusion, i havent yet got the, christmas tree on my base but i am hoping i will get one this week.

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Meanguppy (tight two-row fringe cluster) and the pics:. Battleram troops and all christmas trees from (i accidentally deleted my 2012. Today, Ill be teaching you how to get a x-mas tree in Clash of Clans! Edge-Forcing TH10 Dark Elixir Protection Obstacle Base.

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Right next to last years halloween obstacle and such, I will decide on which derserve to count as such). Dvegas (fringe triple, perfectly adjacent). It fully utilizes Super Cell s API, so if there is information that. Yes, you clash of clans new update twitter still get some more if you have removed one or clash of clans news twitter some already. Obstacle Mass Count: Congratulations! NewtTheSlayer (glorious tight double row fringe, high diversity including red and yellow prezies). Get seasonal obstacles at the outside of your village with these edge-forcing base designs for, clash of Clans. I have written a whole article on why you should keep seasonal obstacles in Clash of Clans, you should check it out if you havent already. So you will make a profit of 50,000 gold.

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Level 1, removing cost (Gold) 25,000, reward (Gold) 75,000. We'll have the first three to get a new obstacle (or one of the new if there are different kinds the top 10 with the most obstacles and the top 10 by points where an in field obstacle. I think this tree godson clash of clans twitter looks. Ace197 (24) Contenders:. I will work on clearing, merging, organizing to make results more precise. All commonly asked questions answered below and discussions about the obstacle(s) in thread as well as the now traditional rankings. Christmas is coming again! ClashTrack is a unique clan management site that provides many tools for clash of clans india twitter a variety of, clan, styles. Christmas update is one of the main highlights each year in which.

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The new, christmas obstacle is updated in Clash of Clans and everyone wants to know how to get a Christmas tree on the clash of clans hack twitter outside of their base. First off, here is a picture of the Christmas tree for the 2017 Christmas Clash theme. Maybe youre also growing a ring of trees around your cwl clash of clans twitter base but the difference is that you only have the short period during the event (around 2 weeks) twc clash of clans twitter time to get your seasonal obstacle into the desired position. Limettenpresse (6 contenders:. Also: What do you get for removing it? Clash of Clans Christmas Tree 2017. You can only have 45 obstacles in total in your village, but seasonal obstacles do add to that, so theres no need to remove your regular obstacles to get more seasonal obstacles! Just like any other obstacles, the Christmas tree will appear on your base every 3 to 4 days until the end of January.

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Christmas is around the corner and with the new update that Supercell rolled out today made a hype amongst all Clashers as this was the most awaited update for us all. If there are equal amounts of 2017 - trees and/or points, whoever posts earlier will get ranked. To fit your seasonal obstacles on the outside clash of clans twitter japan ring, you have to mind some things. You can see it here, but I have also been researching to present you solid base designs that wont throw away your resources trophies completely for free.
Many of us are still waiting for the new Christmas tree to appear on our base and even though some players have already got the. So it is always better to keep one that grows on edge of your base like the picture i have shared above. COC : Co-leader of a lvl 12 clan:planet hulk! Clash of Clans Christmas Update 2017 Christmas is almost here, and as always Supercell will release the Christmas update. Poweruser2003 (very nice fringe cluster of every special obstacle ). New, clash Of Clans Christmas Tree 2017. Electrifyingankur (fringe triple evenly spaced with 2016 trees in between) honourable mentions. New Clash Of Clans Christmas Tree 2017.
Electrifyingankur Neverlosehope Adarsh1275X NateFish stevo Ankis Have Fun. Christmas is around the corner and with the new update that Supercell rolled out today made a hype. Lets go ahead and talk about how to get one of these! These events have a unique obstacle that will reward some extra loot when you remove them, but the real value is keeping them forever.

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