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Air Defenses : AD is the key air defense building for all Town Hall levels. The lava in the level 10 Town Hall may be a reference to the fact that the Inferno Towers are unlocked at this level, and also that the update which Town Hall 10 was released in was called the "Fiery Fortress" update. Clash of clans : what is the recommended and best wall levels for a th9 half maxed base? Once you hit Town Hall 9, this is absolutely the hardest time. Heroes : If you have unlimited Dark Elixir, you still need 135 days to upgrade your King to level 30 and 157,5 days for level 30 Queen.
At level 12, the Town Hall's theme becomes blue. Several Defensive Buildings "face" away from the Town Hall when not in battle. You cant attack other villages If your troops still like TH8s. What is the best army for. Once you have upgraded almost building with Elixir, you should focus on both Gold and Dark Elixir at a time. Troops, Buildings, etc.) before upgrading the Town Hall to the next level. Xbow levels are the main driver of your weight at th9. But these should probably be your highest priorities: Hogs to 5, loons to 6, hounds. Is, clash of, clans really outdated? Tapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, cancels the current upgrade and refunds half of the upgrade cost. TH Level Unlocks History The levels 1-8 Town Halls were added in the original release (date varies depending on platform and country). As of the May 2017 update, the 7th Gold Mine and Elixir Collector are now available at Town Hall 9 instead of Town Hall 10 as was the case before.
Dark Elixir Drill : 6, dark Elixir Storages : 6 (B defenses : Cannons :. You should consider and pace every upgrade of your xbows, because each upgrade increases your weight. As a, tH9 max player, all I can see is maximum bases with free loot. This means being very careful and disciplined in adding new defenses. Where "New" is written, one of that building or structure is unlocked unless otherwise stated in brackets.

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Army camps, dark spell factory to 3, dark elixir drills. Moreover, level 5 Clan Castle can hold Lava Hound and Golem, which is pretty important in Clan Wars. What is the max troops level in, tH9? It is suggested that you upgrade everything you possibly can (e.g.

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Best Base Layouts for Town Hall 9? So, here are the. Icon Descriptions Tapping this icon displays information about the Town Hall, such as Level, Elixir Storage Capacity, Gold Storage Capacity and Hitpoints. A Goblin Town Hall's level can be observed by the number of experience points it yields when destroyed. Max Levels for all the Components of TownHall. New archer tower to th8 max level (10) New wizard tower to th8 max level (6) xbows to level 1 Archer Towers (6) to 11 Cannons (5) to 11 Wizard Towers (4) to 7 Mortars (4) to 7 Bomb tower to 3 Upgrade very slowly.

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The Town Hall is equivalent to the. Dragons and other high level armies, at the cost of making 2-star attacks much easier. Clan, castle ) can destroy a Town Hall of level 8 or lower. If the player visits a village with a destroyed Town Hall 10, the grate can be made to appear by switching to the village's corresponding Builder Base and back.

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Summary: Upgrade War Troops, Spells,. Normally, I can always find over 300k loot villages at Gold I when I was at Town Hall. Using 5 level 7 Lightning Spells clash of clans th9 max levels and 2 level 4 Earthquake Spells (with one donated from the. Walls, which means they take a long time to destroy. And before you add any, you should have maxed troops for your most common attacks, and be 3 starring mid TH9s when you start this list, and high TH9s as you near the end.

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Town Hall 12 is the only Town Hall with multiple visual upgrades with each level gaining new features. Cannon ) automatically aim away from the Town Hall. At Town Hall level 2, it is possible to purchase a package that exceeds max resources in order to rebuild the. Buy the fifth builder as soon as possible If you still dont have.
Tapping this icon reloads all Inferno Towers with Dark Elixir. 5 level 7 Lightning Spells can destroy Town Halls of level 6 and lower. Make sure that you have enough elixir to keep these things going.

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