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You can use any of the clash of clans forum general parameters specified in the official docs as keys, and the values as parameter values, likewise client- getClans name' 'Foo 'minMembers' 30 / returns array of Clan objects. Location / returns Location object location- name / Croatia location- countryCode / HR location- isCountry / true Get rankings for specific location Refers to endpoint from the official docs. PHP wrapper for querying the Supercell, clash. Do note that the API might change at any given moment, as there are no stable releases yet. Get specific location by ID, refers to /locations/locationId endpoint from the official docs.
A Clash of Kings The loss of Riverrun means that Tywin is not able to pursue and destroy Roose Bolton's forces. TH 9 Farming army composition. Jaime, Cersei, and, tyrion Lannister, and is, joffrey Baratheon 's grandfather. 2 Marketing The game is heavily promoted. clashofclans #clashclans #followback #ifollowback. Training Time of Hog Riders Number of level 2 or higher Dark Barracks that aren't under upgrade Training Time 1 1 minute 30 seconds 2 45 seconds Level Damage per Second Hitpoints clash of clans forum recruiting Training Cost Research Cost Laboratory Level.
He also communicates with Roose Bolton, who has switched sides to the Lannisters after taking Harrenhal, and Lord Walder Frey, who sees Robb's marriage to Jeyne as an insult to House Frey, as it breaks a marriage. They can deal with a great kind of damage and keeps enemies out of your base. Spotlight, just Cause 4 Trainer. Clash Of Clans News, the fortnite week 3 secret battle star is leaked.

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Clash of the Clans clash of clans forum clan games API enables the development of channels for integrating third-party apps to the Clans suite of the playing functionalities such as search, player profiles, leader boards, and many more. Clash of clans, aPI. For all available parameters, please browse through the offical docs. Easily query Supercell's API for Clash of Clans data!

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Raphaelb/clashofapi, laravel package for the clash of clans forum usage of the official Clash of Clans API. Clash - of - clans - api. 8, pHP Packages found for clash, latest clash packages toniperic/php-clash-of-clans, pHP wrapper for querying the Supercell Clash of Clans API firegore2/clash-royale-php, tHE unofficial PHP Clash Royale API edbizarro/clash-royale-api, clash Royale Api PHP SDK server-clash/php-benchmark, simple benchmark for PHP just to generate some load.

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Getting leader info leader / returns Player leader- name / "VanSilent" leader- donations / 3451 leader- expLevel / 118 clash of clans hack npm leader- trophies / 2548. More to come soon! It's very easy to use: clan / returns Clan object clan- name / "Hattrickers" clan- level / 8 clan- warWins / 168, for more available methods, visit ClashOfClansApiClanClan class.

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For more available methods, visit ClashOfClansApiClanPlayer clash of clans api php class. Access Search, Global and Local Leaderboards, and Player Profiles and Leagues. Rankings 'clans / returns array of Clan objects / top clan rankings0- name / Foobar rankings0- trophies / 47846 Instead of 'clans as the second parameter you can also pass string players which will return array of Player objects. Get specific clan by tag, refers to /clans/clanTag endpoint from the official docs.

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Ericphamhoang/cr-api-php PHP Wrapper for Clash Royale API m/cr-api/cr-api. The, clash of, clans, aPI provides. For more information, please visit m, this package is tested and clash of clans hack online working on PHP.5 and greater, including PHP.0! Leagues, refers to /leagues endpoint from the official docs.
Abstraction Layer for Clash of Clans API Results polakosz/clash-of-clans-api, pHP wrapper for SuperCell's official ClashOfClans API. Refers to /locations clash of clans hack server endpoint from the official docs. To use the, clash. Tip: if you are only searching by clan name, you don't have to specify the array as parameter but just a simple string: client- getClans Foo / returns array of Clan objects. Getting co-leaders and elders coLeaders / array of Player objects elders / array of Player objects. Every single request of the API requires a json Web Token, while its responses are conveyed in json format. When instantiating Client, you have to provide your API key: client new Client API_KEY_here Clans, refers to /clans endpoint from the official docs. Easily query Supercell's, aPI for. This package uses official API. Leagues client- getLeagues / returns array of League objects leagues0- id / leagues0- name / Bronze League III, locations.
The API facilitates real-time data accessibility and interactions. Getting all available locations is pretty easy: client- getLocations / returns array of Location objects. Clash of the, clans, aPI enables. Requirements, for using this package, you need to obtain an API key at m, installation, using Composer composer require usage. The Clash of the Clans API is currently a beta release and access to its documentation is restricted to users with registered developer accounts.

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