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The small adaptions are only for raising the chance for the 3-Star if youre used to this attack. Troop Composition for Electro Dragon Attacks. This will be enough to take out the base I have here some additional videos that will show you plenty of attacks that will help you: Scorpion Gamings Electro Dragon Strategy ( video here ) Halo Okraheads E-Drag. MAX TH12 gameplay - Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Attacks New CoC Troop Electro Dragon! How Electro Dragon Attacks Works, timing and building a funnel is the key to success with Electro Dragons if you mess that up you will not clash of clans new update twitter fail the whole attack, but for a solid 3-Star you will have everything working fine.
A new Th12 and TH11 attack strategy out of Kronos utilizing the brand new Electro Dragon. There are a lot of small detail adaptions that you can work with depending on the base youre attacking: Balloons with Clone Spell, battle Blimp/Valkyrie takedown Eagle Artillery (when its not centralized) and many more, bottom line, if youre. Single-Target Inferno Towers are not that big of a problem with the 2 Freeze Spells you have to reset their high damage the bolts from the Electro Dragons will take them out fast enough so 2 Freeze. See more of Clash of Clans on Facebook. I really do appreciate., share this Video /-CF6KAezB0w, subscribe /1KD1iv3, discord /WCxcYdQ, jOIN MY clan FAM m/watch? Pros of Electro Dragons: Easy (kind of mass) strategy, safe 2 Star, when you know how to build a funnel, with 3 Stars clash of clans news twitter possible, even against maxed TH12 bases. Which Town Hall Levels does Electro Dragons work? Pro Tips playlist /2vpqudk 10 OFF gfuel Code "echo" m 10 OFF ewin Gaming Chairs Code "echo" m/. Do not drop the Rage Spells too close to the Electro Dragons as their bolts will rush through the lines of buildings and make them move forward quite fast and you want to get the most out. Moto Traffic Race.6 (MOD, unlimited money). All out of the NDL.
CC filled with Bowlers 5 Rage Spell 2 Freeze Spell 1 Poison Spell, this is the basic version and it will do it for you, thats what I can tell you. Clash of, clans, builder is now on Facebook! This strat is sweet guys.

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Lets have a closer look at these steps. Basically, you want to build a funnel by dropping an Electro Dragon in one corner and Heroes with CC troops in another one and then send in all your other Electro Dragons with some Balloons in between to go for the core. A new Th12 and TH 11 attack strategy out of Kronos utilizing the brand new Electro Dragon. The, eagle Artillery is something you need to mind at any attack, so taking it out early by attacking right into it is the best choice you have. Thanks for spending some time with me here today on the channel! Prevent directly attacking into an Air Sweeper. This strat is sweet guys. Have a peek and give ti a try! With the introduction of the new Electro Dragons, it looked like they are too overpowered and after a while having them available I can tell you they are not that overpowered that spamming them in a no-brainer.

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Thats now the point where you need to be super careful about godson clash of clans twitter your spells. Electro Dragon attacking consists of these 3 steps: Building a funnel, clash of clans india twitter send in the Electro Dragons, spells. The New Troop Attacks as well as Hog Rider. The Side To Attack From, the side you attack from is pretty easy to find as you have to mind: Pull CC with your CC troops Heroes. Twitter m/EchoThruMe, shirts m/EchoThruMe/, sponsor m/echothrume#actionsponsor, donate m/steamfirstpage, patreon donations m/EchoThruMe.

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Asto drag NEW TH12 clash of clans hack twitter - TH11 electro dragon attack strategy Clash of Clans, intro music mixed from: Echo Explicit" by Bad Meets Evil. Funnel Your Troops During Attacks The Attack Now its about time to make it rain deploy your Electro Dragons Balloons in between the corners with the direct funnel into the core. 10 x electro dragons vs Max TH12 Base Layout in Clash of Clans! The Freeze Spells are primarily for resetting Single-Target Inferno Towers so in case you can clear out one of them without taking much damage (e.g. Fast path to the Eagle Artillery. Now lets take a look at the different steps that this attack requires. Electro dragons and balloons are one of the best attack strategies clash of clans th11 electro dragon attack at Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans. Clan War (Primary) Trophy Pushing.

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The most crucial part of this strategy is not the timing of deployment, its that you build a right funnel on the outside. Clash of Clans Attack Strategy Follow us to get newest videos Subscribe to channel. Building your funnel With that in mind, you can easily choose your side to attack. The Electro twc clash of clans twitter Dragons only have a few deadly enemies. Electro Dragons Attacking Step by Step. Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy. Mighty Clan War Record With Ghost Electro Dragon LavaLoonion TH12 War Attack Clash of Clans #ClashWithBdClashers #ElectroDragon#. Your army setup is: 8 Electro Dragons 4 Balloons.

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In this guide, I will show you what you should take an extra look at and how to make very powerful attacks with Electro Dragons. TH 11 attack strategies, War content, Bowlers, witches, Hogs, Miners, Lavaloon, Healers, Queen Walk. The main reason for attacking from the right side is to attack in the back of the AirSweepers with the best way into the Eagle Artillery click here! Background music: NCS Mix.
Ive also clash of clans twitter japan learned that choosing the entry point in the base is the make-or-break part of this attack so I will also give you some advice regarding this. Clash of Clans - (Valk, Giant, Wiz)Amazing Guaranteed Two star attack strategy for town hall 9! With the Archer Queen) or there is a Multi-Target Inferno Tower in the house you can use it to reset the Eagle Artillery. Air Sweeper will force you to use a Rage Spell and with the wide-spread layouts of TH11 TH12 bases you will need them later, so try not to directly attack into one of them if possible. Then spell placement and timing is key and youre good. Especially Skeleton Traps can be annoying at this point so make sure you dont drop Rage when Skeletons are on your Electro Dragons. Electro Dragon Attack On COC Th 11 Vs Th 11 War Attack With Electro Dragg MAX TH12 gameplay - Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Attacks 8 Electro Dragon 6 Balloon Siege Machine Electro War TH12 New Attack TH12 Clash. Congratulations congratulations to these Top 10 Clans!
One example here: You can see that the single cwl clash of clans twitter Electro Dragon in the corner will clear a lot of trash buildings just by himself while the above section is covered by the CC Bowlers Heroes. Best electro dragon Attack Strategy Clan War Th 11 vs TH12. Cons of Electro Dragons: Requires upgraded Electro Dragons Heroes. Town Hall 11 Town Hall.

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