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Ultimate Trophy Pushing Strategies TH10 War Base Trophy Base Layouts July 2018 The War Bases I have here are solid enough to take advantage of mistakes and shouldnt get 3-Stared too often. Like and comment on the clash of clans pc emulator video and share the video. This base has been holding up against TH11 attacks with Electro Dragons as well, so no mistake to give it clash of clans pc mod a try in your next war You can click on the image or here to download it and you can. Anti 3-Star TH10 War Base Layout This base puts the attacker in an unpleasant spot with its Inferno and Air Defense placement on top and bottom so, the attacker has two options to either come from the right.
Best TH10 Trophy Base Layouts If youre about to push trophies, here you find the perfect army setup plus additional tips that will help you pushing: click here! Hey clashers, hope you are doing well, In the blog post we are up with the best COC town hall th10 farming base anti hogs, bowlers, miners, Valkyrie. The first best th10 farming base anti everything 2019 layout is also an dark elixir protection base with drak elixir storage in the center of the village. Clash -of m is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for. Dark Elixir Protection Farming Base Layout TH 10 Here comes a base that will help you protect your Dark Elixir and other resources but still can make some trophy success. Town Hall 10 Trophy Base Design. You can find more hybrid bases for Town Hall 10 here: click here!

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Inside the base you will find tons of traps that cant get triggered in advance so troops will have to deal with the additional damage. How do expert Clash of Clans players defend? TH10 clash of clans pc reddit Trophy Pushing Base Layout This base here uses the storages on the outside compartments as extra bulkheads to slow down attacking troops while the defenses from the inside will deal their damage. Dark Elixir Protection Farming Base Layout TH10 Saving up Dark Elixir is working with this base, the DE Storage is well-protected in the core. This base will get you some defensive victories, I promise!Important recommendation: Here you can find more Trophy Bases for Town Hall 10: click here! Subscribe to the channel for More Clash of Clans Game play, Attack Strategy, Base Designs 3 Star Attacks! This is a two layered compartment base having long range defense in outer section and high damage defenses in inner compartment.

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TH 10 Farming Base Protecting Dark Elixir. This clash of clans th10 farming base can withstand: Golem, valkyrie, wizards and pekka combo. Clash of Clans Bases » Top Town Hall Base Layouts » Top TH 10 Base Layouts. So, if attacker want to loot the mines and collector it will be hard for them to. With OUR 90 best guides more! If you choose to use an internet base layout they clash of clans pc unblocked sometimes get very popular, so people learn to handle and beat them. The best Town Hall 10 base designs for War and Trophy Pushing in 2018. You can click on the image or here to download it and you can also watch several defensive replays against this base here.!Important recommendation: Here you can find more Trophy Bases for Town Hall. Great Town Hall 10 War Base (TH11 failed) This base is working great with the outside defenses on the left side against Balloon attacks (that get wrecked by the Air Defenses) and the Single Target Inferno Tower on the.

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Lava Loonion attack strategy with queen walk. What will happen to attackers starting their Queen Charge in this corner is entertaining and effective as well and force an early Rage Spell and ability usage that the attacker will regret soon enough. Keep your Dark Elixir together with this base works like a charm as youre offering your Town Hall quite easily. Theres no way to get the Dark Elixir Storage unless beating the whole village and also the Town Hall is a lot harder to get than you might think in the first place so it will protect your. Take note, some bases are rebuilt with a higher town hall account, but only the defenses and buildings from Town Hall 10 bases are used. Choose the best base layout for TH 10 and become unbeatable in Clash of Clans. This clash of clans pc 2018 layout design is tested at titan league and it performed well against various clash of clans bases th10 attacks.

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Many have written me that they want a TH10 Base that protects the Dark Elixir but doesnt over-expose other storages too much and this base is a nice hybrid solution for that problem. TH 10 War Base Designs TH 10 Farming Base Designs you can clash of clans bases th10 use to prevent losing clash of clans bases th10 Stars in Clan War and protect Resources and Dark Elixir for. The location of the Single-Target Inferno Towers will stop every Queen Charge soon enough to not let the Queen survive the whole attack and deal her tons of damage this will make the 3-Star so much harder. Anti BoWitch TH10 War Base Design This base here defends very well against Bowler/Witches with the large empty areas in the wall compartments and the split section in the middle that has clash of clans pc hack the Town Hall, defending Clan Castle. TH 10 Farming Base Protecting Dark Elixir. This best th10 farming base 2019 has dark elixir storage present in the central compartment so, it can protect dark elixir from opponents. Best th10 farming base anti everything 2019 used only th10 buildings coc th10 farming base clash of clans coc th10 defense base 2019 excellent level 10 farming base design.

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Like and comment on the video and share the video if you like., reply With". Best TH 10 Farming Bases with 2 Bomb Tower 2019. Best TH10 Farming Base Layouts Hybrid DE Farming Base Design for TH10 This second base design works similar to the first one, but I like the ability to crush Queen Charges with the Air Defense placement a little better. Anti 3-Star Town Hall 10 War Base Design Lets start off with this nice base here.
This base here focuses on preventing the 3-Star. Clash of clans coc th 10 defense base 2019. The wizard and archers towers along with x-bows are clash of clans pc evenly distributed to cover the entire base and protect from enemy troops. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for TH10, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts. Ultimate 3 Star Clan War Attacking Strategies. And all these stores are protected with Inferno Tower, Air defenses, X-bows, Wizard Towers, Geared Cannon, Geared Archer Tower, Archer Queen and Barbarian and the other defenses and traps are well placed to provide extra backup for those Defensive Buildings which are protecting storage buildings. Excellent level 10 farming base design. This Inferno Island base makes it hard to take down the Interno Towers. The attacker will need to open and enter the compartments to take down the Air Defense and this will bring the Queen closer to the Single-Target Inferno Towers.
Giwi with Archer queen walk. The above coc th10 farming base new update can defend attacks against. The below farming base is a type of hole clash of clans pc download trap base wherein the the hole is placed right in the center of the base near the dark elixir storage protect by inferno towers. All recent base designs I featured here have become very popular so that they can be beaten by more and more people. So, your attacker will invest too much in the bottom side (expecting many traps) or not enough at the sides building the funnel (thats where the traps and pitfalls really are).

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