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A week later, they were then replaced by the Wizards. Cloning bypasses unit deploy times. Since cloned troops have only 1 hitpoint,. Clone Spells create a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies. Clone is one of the five clash of clans builder base level 5 best base spells from Clash of Clans clash of clans builder base level 5 best defence to also be in Clash Royale, the others being the Lightning, Rage, Freeze, and Heal.
Upgraded Witches raise more skeletons at a time. You can either send the link to me or paste it in this thread. Forum Supercell Games Clash of Clans General Tactics and Strategy. A cloned Lumberjack will also drop a Rage. She wears two golden shoulder pieces, a golden belt, two gold bracelets, and a raggedy skirt. When the Giants and Witches finish destroying the defenses, drop 1-4 additional Wall Breakers (depending on level) along with 1-4 Witches and more Giants. Retired League Clan and Players recruiting experienced attackers to play. Keep in mind that mirroring first then cloning is usually more expensive and 1 out of 2 troops will have the full hitpoints, while cloning then mirroring is often cheaper but only 1 of the 3 troops will have full hitpoints. Unlike the Mirror, max-leveled Clone will not clone at max 1 level. But this gave birth to the witch slap strategy which was still relevant even after the removal of this mechanic.
This will greatly decrease the base's splash damage capability. Preferred Target Attack Type Summon Cooldown Housing Space Movement Speed Attack Speed Dark Barracks Level Required Range Skeletons per Summon None Area Splash.3 Tile Radius (Ground Air) 7s 12.7s 5 4 tiles 4 Training. Here s a couple videos showing Clone Bowler Witch to get things started. As the real unit will get pushed left, you can use this to bypass buildings with tanks.

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It also moved the Arena to unlock this card from Frozen Peak (Arena 8) to Electro Valley (Arena 11). R9) Can cloned Witches skeletons be cloned? Poison and Tornado are extremely effective counters to any clone, as they hit multiple times in their respective areas of effect, effectively eliminating the threat caused by clones of Lava Hounds or shielded troops such as Guards. As Skeleton Traps are good for distracting, so is a Witch. Night Witch The Night Witch was, for a few minutes, the most OP card in the game, and a mirror-clone deck was insanely popular. Cloning a, giant Skeleton on a Tower is devastating, but costs a heavy 9 Elixir. Clones of troops that dash/jump like the Bandit or Mega Knight will also dash/jump.

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However, once they become aware of enemy. Skeleton Army can clash of clans builder base level 5 max be effective to clone to potentially deal heavy damage, unless the opponent has a spell which will eradicate the Skeletons. This spell takes up four. The same update also greatly increased the Witch's hitpoints, increasing the health by at least 140 at all levels.

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Hi all, welcome to the thread clash of clans builder base level 5 attack strategy of the Clone Spell. This thread will be updated once new info rises. You can clone an additional 6 Witches with three level 3 or higher Clone Spells. Trivia Although she appears to have no feet, which makes clash of clans bot free download for pc it seem like she is levitating, she is actually a ground troop and will not be attacked by Air Defenses, nor will she float over Walls like the Grand Warden. It is beneficial to clone low hitpoint units to maximize their damage dealing capabilities without sacrificing any hitpoints, as the cloned units will always have low hitpoints. Drop a couple of, giants as distractions, with a few, wall Breakers shortly after. The new Clone Spell is coming soon in Clash of Clans! If you see a Witch on defense, a single Lightning Spell or Poison Spell is a convenient option to prevent wave after wave of Skeletons continually distracting your offensive troops. Clones of any troops that spawn sub-troops will also spawn cloned sub-troops.

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On 13/3/17, the March 2017 Update stopped the Clone from resetting charge attacks of cloned troops. I'm curious what we will find out! Summary The Witch is a clash of clans bot memu single target splash damaging Dark Elixir troop in the. If you have strong enough Lightning Spells, take out one or two Mortars at the start of the raid.

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Clone pairs well with the, mirror, as the clash of clans bot ban Mirror duplicates troops and the Clone then clones them, multiplying their numbers exponentially, yet this is a very high-risk move as it can easily backfire if the opponent has the right counters. Summary The Clone Spell is a spell that copies troops that enter the spell s radius. The Clone spell can create devastating split pushes by cloning a set. This can create.
For example, a cloned. Statistics Cost Clone Hitpoints Clone Shield Hitpoints Radius clash of clans bot apk Target Type Rarity 3 1 1 4 Friendly Troops Spell Epic. Cloned Golems, Witches and Lava Hounds will split into or summon their. Her dress loses the holes and smoothes itself out.

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