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Wizard Towers are placed such that they dont get locked up on the hounds but the balloons which is what we want. Checkout OUR NEW BH6 bases AND BH7 bases Replay Proofs:.Excellent Anti 3-Stars War Base for Town Hall 9 and.5 Excellent Anti 3-Stars War Base for Town Hall 9 and.5 This TH9 war base. Here are some of the best 75 TH9, coc base layouts, th9 war base, TH9 Farming bases, TH9 Trophy Bases and th9 Hybrid Base which will make your village a cleverly planned village. Triton s Features: 5 viable locations for Double Giant Bomb. If the attacker choses to attack from South, The Air defenses supported by 2 Storages will bring clash of clans pc hack him down.
Th9 Farming, hybrid TH9 6 0, attacks 1, by zcrouser 25/12/18, war, war TH9 2 0, attacks 1, by anonymous 31/12/18, supper, war TH9 2 0 Attacks 0 By anonymous 25/12/18 My fav Hybrid TH9 1 0 Attacks 0 By anonymous 22/1/19 1. Very hard to lure the. This strongest TH9 war base powerful enough to use when going on Clash of Clans War. With that, are the heroes to deal with any kind of troops. Unique Air Defense placements. It can help you prevent damages from Bowlers or Valkyries and keep them from targeting the core.
The base here fails this technique because of the layered key defense. Wizard Towers are not locked on Air Defenses Anti-Lava Hound. This is called channeling and is used quite often is defending against deadly strategies. .

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The perfect placement of Giant Bombs, Hidden Teslas and traps all across is the best feature of this powerful base, The Air defenses are combine with ground ones to play a tough defense strategy. TH9 War Base Anti 2 Star. Clash shiv says: April 8, 2018 at 6:15 AM Hey timmy please give town hall 9 lava loons attacking stratigy please timmy. Th10 War Bases, designs Layouts 2018, contents.

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Town Hall 9 Best Farming Base New Update *bomb tower* (TH9 Anti Giant, Valkyries) Replays Proof Giving a powerful defense against Giants and Valkyries which are some of the nastiest Troops that destroy you farming base strategies. TH9, war, base Trophy Farming, base, layouts Here are the latest Town Hall. Best TH11 War Base Anti 3-StarLayout. Want to use strongest TH9 War base for your Clash of Clans? And obviously you dont want to get clash of clans th12 wiki crushed and for this you want excellent strategies that make your village strong and unbeatable for your enemies. Base, designs for, clan, war, Trophy Pushing Farming. The base is clash of clans pc super powerful and can be used as farming and Trophy base Read More: Ultimate Th4 War Base and Th5 War Base Newbies Guide. . The clan troops will be hard to lure out as the clan castle is centralized and there are so many empty areas that the prediction of bombs and traps will be really hard.

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This TH11 war base layout of 2018 is one of the clash of clans th12 war attacks best ones. 2.3 (45) 4 votes, clash of clans app is a game where either you crush someone or get crushed. Latest Top 30 Days Top All Time. TH11 trophy base/ legend league/ replays This hardcore masterpiece is one the strongest and smartest TH11 Trophy base that you can ever have.

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And also, this base can also be used in clan wars as clash of clans th9 war base a great defense base as well! TH 9, tH 10 TH 11 All. So, analyze your priorities and select the clash of clans th12 trophy base best one for yourself! Make sure you set the Inferno Tower to multi mood. The attacker will clash of clans th12 war base 3 inferno avoid starting from the Town Hall as it has the Archer Queen supported by air defenses. This base is as strong as the other or maybe even better. War, trophy Hybrid Farming. You can use this base to win some pretty good shit in the Titans League Replay Proof:. The hidden Teslas protecting the Town Hall and Clan Castle.

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Clash Of Clans best TH9 hybrid base NEW update w/bomb tower! My Profile My Account. The inner core with Town Hall and Clan castle is protected by Wizard Towers, X-Bows and Air sweepers which more than enough clash of clans th12 for sale to kick the enemy troops ass! The Dark Elixir is placed at the center protected by Tesla, Air Defenses and Giant Bombs that can let no troop be anywhere near the Storage.
With air defenses wisely put out around the base. Log Out Log In / Signup Contact/Security. (Clash of Clans New Update!) Bomb Tower is one of the most powerful defense that any base can ever have but the condition is that it should be placed at the right place. This leads a weak point in their base which the enemy may point out and use it against you. The Clan Castle, Dark Elixir and the Town hall placed at the core of the base at a point that is protected by all kinds of defenses makes the base so powerful that no matter what your enemy has. In T, h11, the Double bombs become quite inefficient which turns an advantage for the attacker. Top Town Hall. Town Hall 9 War base is the kind of base formation that focuses on the protection to all the buildings so that the enemy is difficult to get a 3 star. The Clan castle troops are not easily lured out.
Bestest 5th TH9 War Base, Anti GoWiWi/GoWiPe/GiWiPe/Air One of the best TH9 war base and also one of the strongest one, this base can defend you against the most deadly strategies in Clash of Clans such as Dragons, GoWiWi and Gowipe. TH 1 - TH 5 TH 6 TH 7. The outer base with Bomb Tower and powerful air defenses are themselves enough to handle the first attacks. The outer base is designed perfectly to distract enemy troops while the powerful walls add to the defense.

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