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goho th9 attack Step 3: Surgical Hog Rider Deployment You will now release your Hog Riders, but you wont just drop them in one place. Hghb - 16 hogs, 11 giants, 3 healers, 10 wizards, 3 archers 5 bowlers. For the army composition, I like to train: Troops: 1 Golem, 12 Wizards, 1 Archer, 25 Hog Riders, 8 Wall Breakers, Barbarian King, Archer Queen. You should ideally choose a spot where the ADs won't destroy your healers quickly and where there are heroes.
Zero to Hero - Th9 Push to Legends - Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans War Video - TH 9 Hybrid Army. In some cases, Spring Traps take down lots of Hog Riders clash of clans apk unlimited gems and coins and you might not get the 3rd Star. goho th9 attack Step 4: Clean Up Keep a few Wizards in your pocket and use them to clean up the base. Guru Gaming.494 views11 months ago 5:32, clash Of Clans Best Townhall 9 Attack Strategies Top 5 Clash Of Clans Clan Wars Armies. Another Hybrid Army attack with lavaloons as main attackers. You should have 4-6 Wall Breakers and 6-12 Wizards (6 Wizards if youre TH8, 12 if youre TH9; depending on the Level of your Army Camp, of course).
GoHo Step by Step, step 1: Scouting clash of clans apk unlimited gems free download Double Giant Bomb Locations. In general, you have 2 different situations: Defenses target your Golems Defenses dont target Golems If certain defenses focus your Golems, you can simply deploy single Hog Rider. Clash of Clans farming armies are all supposed to crush loot and be fun. I personally use 2 Golems for GoHo. .

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FireFrost 123.792 views1 year ago 8:17, tOP 3 TH9 best clash of clans android hack tool download no survey ground WAR attack strategies 2018 (No Bowlers) Updated Clash of Clans. Goho th 9 Attack. Cruz 141.408 views4 months ago 7:53, tH 9 pushing TO titan army 2017 TH 9 best farming army updated.

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TH9 War Attack Strategy clash of clans android hack game killer Queenwalk Hogs Clash of Clans Klaus Gaming.813 views9 months ago 5:18 Gibarch th9 : best Gibarch army composition and gibarch strategy - Clash of clans (2017 updated) Alphaiot.230 views1 year ago Next page ยป. You have many of these potential areas and cant narrow it down. Clash of Clans 3 Star Goho th 9 Attack Guide GoHo Th 9 20178. TH9 War Live Attacks - Clash of Clans - 3 Star Strategy Clash Bashing! Only 1 double Giant Bomb spot.

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Goho th9 Attack clash of clans android hack 4u In the case of a Town Hall 8 base, you only have clash of clans th9 army clash of clans th9 army one thing that could break your attack goho th9 attack. Then kill the cc troops using the AQ and her ability. Lavaloon/Laloon - 3 lava hounds. Galadon Gaming.703 views6 months ago 14:17 best ground attacks!

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8:21, tH clash of clans th9 army 9 TOP 5 farm attack strategies FOR BIG loot best TH 9 farming strategies Clash of Clans. There are a lot of skilled clash of clans android hack no root attackers and these are the strategies we use:. If you are th8 or th9,have high level heroes or have an engineered.5 clash of clans android hack gems base, you can join our clan to watch attacks and stay and learn and war.

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The advantage of this attack is that this can be used even if you have level 10 clash of clans android hack tool heroes. 57.533 views11 months ago 18:02, tHIS army uses NO dark elixir! TH 9 Farming army composition. You have three different situations to deal with: Only a single 42 tiles empty space. You can also use 8-12 Archers. .
TH10 3 Star Powerbang Gaming 463.669 views1 year ago 13:21 dark elixir time! Hey guys, I need some help with a solid army composition which would be more or less cheap and can bring good amount of blue and. Then, send in loons with haste and rage used appropriately to destroy the remaining defenses and buildings. 1.169.015 views1 year ago 10:45 clash OF clans-worlds cheapest/fastest! I am a th 9 player with 1000 war stars. It might seem a lot to do together at the beginning but practising will make you perfect. GoHo is a perfect way to 3 Star all TH8 or TH9 bases in Clan War. .
Thank you to eSports Chairs for sponsoring the super sick DX Racer gaming chair! I am in Donate Spirit 2 and in my clan th 9s are the majority of the 30 or 40 players in the war. Considering its a TH8 base, you should think about the most logical one.

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