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Balloon Defense Strategy Since walls are not going to stop Balloons, you dont have to worry about those. If a player is attacking only with troops that cannot target air units ( Barbarians, Giants, Goblins, etc. This is not true for level 7 Balloon, its clash of clans android to ios damage being increased by only.22. The best part about their high damage attack style is the fact that they target defensive fist. On the battlefield, you can clone an additional 18 Balloons clash of clans android with three fully upgraded Clone Spells. When raiding other players, time is limited, so make sure you take out all the Air Defenses and other defensive buildings that can target Air Troops (e.g. While most levels of Balloons drop bombs that are carried by Wall Breakers of the same level, the level 6 and 7 Balloons do not drop barrels (see Upgrade Differences above).
The balloon is the only air troop to have no range. Each of the four upgrades which upgrade the Balloon from level 2 to level 6 increases the Balloon's damage. Clans Balloon attack is a entertaining strategy that works with low trophys aswell as 2400 trophies. Using Balloons as a Clan Castle troop is also good because you can use them to lure. Balloons Housing Space The housing space for Balloons is pretty generous, coming in at only. We will look at some key points to be aware of while using this strategy sucsessfully. Damage per Attack, hP, training Cost, damage upon Death,000 Elixir,500 Elixir,000 Elixir,500 Elixir,000 Elixir,500 Elixir 162 Note : The damage Balloon does upon death is equal to its Damage per Second in the table above. Balloons "hover around" slightly while they are attacking. The Balloon is the only troop with a death animation.
Thats equal to giants, which also favourite defense buildings. When they finally make their way to the targeted defensive unit, you will see a little skeleton guy reach out and drop a bomb over the target. Balloons Guide Clash of Clans Land by coclandrumit, may 1, 2015 9, posted in, troops, balloons in Clash of Clans are the skeletons that enjoy destroying defensive buildings by using hot air balloon more than destroying walls like the others. The setup itself can be used at low and high trophy level. Group all the Clan Castle Troops together and as the Balloon gets destroyed by the defending troops it will use the death splash to chip or wipe out ground Clan Castle Troops such as Archers or Wizards beneath. Balloons for War Armies Balloons were built for War.

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Typically, players will want to attack the clash of clans api npm side an enemys base that is closest to their Town Hall. It is one of the most intricate attacks in all of the game in regards to graphics. Balloons are the foundation troop of just about every air attack strategy. With 4 barracks training balloons only, it will take 25 minutes to fill 200 housing spaces (level 6 army camps). Consequently, a great way to defend against lower-leveled Balloons is using a grouped pair of Air Bombs; they can take an entire group out before they get a chance to get healed with a Healing Spell. Offensive Strategy It would be advisable to destroy all aerial defenses such as Archer Towers, Wizard Towers and Air Defenses before deploying Balloons. They are slow moving, but they are able to hover above walls and deliver a lot of damage to the opposing base. Clash of Clans Balloons Main Points They are really supposed to be used in swarms and big clumps.

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The army primarily consists of Balloons, with about 20-30 Minions clash of clans api c# added. . Balloons red envelope turns to black with a white skull. At level 7, the Balloon's steel armor gets plated with miniature golden spikes, it also gains larger golden spikes that replace some of the old spikes. Lavaloonion is clash of clans api java a great attack strategy for raiding Town Hall. However, this can also hurt your chances of winning if the bombs target a small group of balloons, or other, stronger, air units like the Dragon. It just comes down to preference. Clash of Clans Balloon, basic Information, Stats, and, levels. Minions can perform this task as well just as easily.

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It will destroy every building. At level 6, the. Deploying Your Balloonion Units Try to lure out Clan Castle units if you can before going in for your major attack. Almost campaigns can be finished easily with clash of clans balloon levels Balloons.

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Attack Tips for using Balloons in clash of clans api php Clash of Clans Here are some attack tips for you while using Balloons with other troops. It is recommended to clash of clans api github deploy balloons in swarms, but be careful of Air Bombs too. At level 5, the, balloons basket gain golden spikes attached to its side and the bombs it drops become golden in color. If you deploy a Clan Castle filled with Balloons, especially a high level CC, then the Balloons will draw out the Clan Castle troops and destroy at least one defensive unit in the process.

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Nine Balloons is generally assured destruction unless there are Air Bombs or an Air Defense nearby. Preferred Target Attack Type Housing Space Movement Speed Attack Speed Barracks Level Required Range Death Damage Radius Defenses Area Splash.2 Tile Radius (Ground Only) 5 10 3s.5 tiles.2 tiles Training Time of Balloons Number of level. While most levels of, balloons drop bombs that are carried by Wall Breakers of the same level, the level 6 and 7, balloons do not drop barrels clash of clans api documentation clash of clans api key (see Upgrade Differences above). Balloons and the Rage Spell Good Balloon attacks would not exist without spells, especially the Rage Spell.
With this in mind, you have to be aware of the battle time. The bombs it drops look like the level 5 and 6 Bombs. Each of the four upgrades which upgrade the. Your Balloons should start to converge into a few big clumps of units as they approach the base, each Balloon going to its closest tower. It is heavily used by Town Hall 9 players who are pushing for the Champion and Masters leagues in order to unlock the big gem achievements. Balloon from level 2 to level 6 increases the, balloon s damage. But on the other hand you do not need to mind the King as hes not able to touch air units. Not only are they a very dominant troop that, if used correctly, has the ability to 3 star all bases, but they are also very cool looking and really encompass everything war is about.
Many people have arches inside these buildings, which also attack air units. With Balloon war attacks you dont really have to be worried about the enemys Barbarian King since they can only attack ground troops, so dont pay too much attention to him. At level 3, the, balloon receives wooden armour attached to the sides of the envelope underneath its rigging. Dont use Balloons for farming unless you are going after Gold and/or Dark Elixir, they cost too much purple Elixir to try and cook them up all the time. "These promoted skeletons have traded in their joy of destroying walls for a joy of destroying defenses.

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