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After that a CC (clan castle) full of archers would be nice because they are ranged troops and they can shoot enemy's troops while they are inside walls. In guard mode, troops housed inside will defend the player s village from attacks, whilst in sleep mode, troops housed inside will not. Build Time, none, experience Received, none, town Hall Required. The easiest method to know what you need to defend against is to take a look at your defense log. I know you might be thinking why I havent just written that down in the first place.
There are actually 3 kind of troops that are nice for defending: Baby Dragon Golem (my favorite choice) Lava Hound The best clash of clans apk hacked thing you can do is try to make the attack slower and a tanking troop clash of clans apk hack version is the best way to do this. What is the best troop for clan war defense in clash of clans? I would like to take a short tour of the advantages of the different troops in your clan castle to defend yourself and perhaps you will try some of the alternatives I present to you instead of asking for archers. Clan Castle Basic Information, one of the most important structures in the game, the Clan Castle is required in order to either create or join a Clan.

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Just a simple request and youre done! You see, its not that easy at all! Clan Castle reinforcements during battle, and any troops housed inside the, clan Castle can defend the clash of clans apk hack gems player s village whenever he/she is offline. Now the troops in general: Wizards are kind of useful with their splash damage. There is no real answer to the question What is the best defensive Clan Castle troop in general. Players can choose to toggle the defense status of defending Clan Castle troops, to either guard mode or sleep mode. If your castle has 25 space a combination of 1x Dragon, 1x Wizard, 1x Archer will keep your village safe( if you put your CC in the middle of your village ).

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When requesting Clan Castle troops in clan wars, youd also be wise to ask for a Dragon yourself for protection. Read all about the Poison Spell here if youre looking to get more into detail. By best I mean likely to save you the most money. I assume your defense log shows 3 different kinds of attacks Giant/Healer, Dragons or barch. Before we take a look at the specific Town Hall levels, I want to point out that there is not the one and only defensive Clan Castle troop clash of clans apk hack 2018 in the game. You will easily see what kind of setups attack you the most these are the ones you will need to adjust. Whether they kill the enemy before they can do damage or draw enemy fire works. Another very interesting opportunity is to have Giants in your clan castle when someone is attacking first of all you might think that this is pretty useless and a loss of troops, but as the Giants. Clan Castle Levels and Requirements Info.

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If your Air Defenses are in the core, its less likely you get attacked by air clash of clans clan castle defense troops attacks, so you should not focus on defensive troops against air attacks. Defensive Barracks Troops, in, clash of, clans. Troops that work good for that are: Baby Dragon Wizards Balloons (only of you dont see a lot of air attacks) Clan Castle Defending Troops for TH10 Defensive concept is switching a lot when you reach Town Hall. This is just an initial thought about the troop, not the final recommendation. This is because this spell, which devastates other troops, hardly leaves a scratch on a Dragon. Not much damage and also not a lot of hitpoints. So of barbarians, archers, goblins, giants, wall breakers, balloons, wizards and healers which are the very best at defense? A look at the troops defending the castle. I like Wizards because they have some solid spots and do a lot of damage.

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Bowlers are only good against Witches (that almost nobody uses today). Deals even more damage to troops than clash of clans apk hack android download 2018 the Lightning Spell, especially when its at max level. The good news is, you dont have to dig through tons of charts.

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It is able to kill almost all Troops within its area and: it deals constant area damage (unlike the Lightning Spell that could miss). The worst enemy of your defending Clan, castle, troops is the, poison Spell. Since a Dragon requires a housing space of 20, the Clan Castle level needed for Dragon.
Goblins are fast but can be easily annihilated. Conclusion Defending troops are essential and make the difference between successful defenses and failed defenses. It is able to kill almost all Troops within its area and: it deals constant area damage (unlike the Lightning Spell that could miss). The idea behind this is that the attackers troops will always focus on the castle troops in the first place, clash of clans apk hack android download and at the same time it takes a long time for the Giants to be removed from your. Even in the short period when they walk clash of clans apk hack download through the range of the Poison Spell, the spell effect will charge up so heavy on them that they will die.

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