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This extra gold can help you buy the CC upgrade (10mil) without upgrading your storages. Spells reserved 2 freeze 2 rage 1 jump 1 skelli. Updated War Weights Calculator Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars. Infernos lvl4 and clash of clans hack 2019 lvl5. Just hit dead bases and easily get the star for the loot bonus. Since he gains almost all his strength at lvl5, you will have to leave him there to upgrade your army camps.
After the last inferno buff, inferno upgrade is much more useful now. You can aim 450-500k loot bases, but note that it will be slower than barch. The additional HP coverage of these high level storages also help with shielding your defenses. Article to describe the. So if you are too, then youre most likely wondering what your upgrade priority should. Give first priority to lab then unlock warden and keep upgrading him then upgrade storages and camps. Get them ti max level. Next TH11 Upgrade Priority. If your AQ is lvl40, you can choose to work on BK instead. As it will last a whole 5 seconds. Lvl 9 Wizard Towers I can already see Level 9 Wizard Towers being a killer against Lavaloonion attacks (as long as you keep your Wizard Towers away from Air Defenses so Lava Hounds dont distract you.
This is now extremely rare and probably clash of clans hack online will not appear, however you can buy the 6mil gold builder potion pack (quite overpriced imo) for USD10 and continue on the following. Subscribe and join the KlausFamily! This is quite a strong defense if the attacker does not take it out fast, it punishes players who arent strong enough to defeat. Upgrade them using 2-4 builders, youll have them maxed in 2 weeks time.

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Which one should I upgrade first? Which upgrade will help you most in Clan War. However, for war players, it comes with a price as it will substantially increase your war weight. I do recommend working on infernos, teslas and WT first though.

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Lab: Determining what to upgrade clash of clans hack app in lab is quite difficult in TH11, because almost all lab upgrades do not impact much at all in TH11. Asknext New TH11 upgrade order. Grand Warden - Army Camps - Clan Castle, troops wise, depends on what you like, but clearly Bowler, Valkyries and Miners are really great for war. Get The Grand Warden, the Grand Warden is the best thing about Town Hall 11 and is the centerpiece for offense at Town Hall.

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February 18th, 2018 #5, those that increase your attacking capacity. All posts must be related. All in all, the first few days of TH11 is the hardest because clash of clans hack ios you need to upgrade lab and warden. But he is that crucial. As for me, Ill be doing lv3 Witches because they will just be overall much better as lv6 Minions are fine for farming and lavaloonion anyway. Unrelated, uncivil, and low-quality content will be removed. Farming: clash of clans th11 upgrade order Collector raiding is still very viable for a TH11. So theres no reason why you should be maxing your Cannons before Archer Towers.

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Youll want to start loons or bowlers, or whatever meta troop that exists immediately. Level 9 Laboratory Before you upgrade your clash of clans th9 hybrid base Laboratory, make sure you start a troop upgrade first. Finish up your warden and your entire TH11 clash of clans hack life would be so much easier with him around. If you can buy the USD1 pack clash of clans th9 hybrid base and get.5mil elixir, start balloons whenever you can, if not follow the things below: Bowlers Healers Giants catch up/Hounds Balloons If you cannot afford healers in the initial phase. TH11 upgrade order, hey folks am a 100 maxed TH10, and have decided to push the townhall upgrade button, Am a hardcore war player and have maybe 5 TH11s above me on the War map. What should be highest priority for my elixer?

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Last edited by Adarsh1275X; February 18th, 2018 at 05:27. Level 4 X-Bow, Wizard Tower Lvl 8 Next get your X-bow to level 4 as they have provide you with a very big boost. Not only that, due to the upcoming matchmaking system,. AQ is much more helpful for farming so you can keep her awake in the transition.
Keep him upgrading until at least lvl5, anything less and hes pretty useless. TH11, you will be clash of clans th9 base 2018 targeted mainly by other high level players. Its so important that clash of clans th9 max levels I have to say it 3 times.

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