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Since we can boost twice, we basically get 4 hrs 40 mins worth of progress completed in less than an hour. In other words, the payback period for taking the Clock clash of clans bat spell upgrades Tower from lvl4 to lvl6.9M/292 days, or more than 35 years! Whereas currently u get 280 mins of boost time by just boosting twice. All posts must be related to be Clash of Clans. Clock Tower Boosting In the Builder Base, the Clock Tower will boost everything every 8 hours but I have been digging deeper than the obvious into the numbers to help you with your Clock Tower as well. Once you receive the message indicating you will be kicked for a brief period, and making sure that your boost is still active when the kick occurs, the game will boot you until your main base is attacked. « Previous Thread clash of clans bat spell th12 Next Thread » Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts Forum Rules All times are GMT.
Has anyone else encountered or used this glitch? Powered by vBulletin Version.2.3 Copyright 2019 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. This is all from the perspective of gold production vs cost. Does the clock tower boost have to end during the break? Why am I doing this?

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TH 8: 504k Gold Elixir 1,160 Dark Elixir. Resource Boosting, boosting your Mines, Drills Collectors will, when you have upgraded them to the max level, reward you an extra of: TH 10 11: 588k Gold Elixir 7,200 Dark Elixir. The boost speeds up your troops training, building construction and upgrades, Star Laboratory. They tend to overshoot, then undershoot a few times before finally settling on a "balance." So I expect they may bump it up again at some point in the future. Calculation of Gem prices: When purchasing resources in the shop or skipping time with Gems, the costs are not the same but depend on the amount. This guide will, partially also help you to determine the value of the deals the Trader offers in the game but I also wrapped up here what deals from the Trader are good deals and which ones arent: click here! TH 8: 809 Gems (Best price: 368 Gems tH7: 729 Gems (Best price: 320 Gems) Now you can hold that against what the resource boost for 24 hours will cost for all collectors: Town Hall 10 11: 230. During play today, I noticed a clock tower glitch that seems it would be available to all players under the end. Army Resource Boosting Guide, before Supercell changed the training interface, which is a great feature, it was possible to boost single Barracks Spell Factories.

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I got my CT to level 4 before the nerf so that now gives me 6 minutes of boost, 3 times a day. The Clock Tower is a building unlocked at Builder Hall Level. Maybe only a little but worth having it upgraded if and when that time comes. It's just not a #1 high priority building it was pre-nerf.

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Meanwhile, a level 6 CT would give me 8 minutes boost. While boosting, gold production is upped from the regular 1x. So I will upgrade it again (mine lvl clash of clans bat spell strategy 5 but its not top priority now. 2) SC isn't very good at predicting their balancing changes. MAX GG/EE HH 16 MIL FIN 550k WAR hero 1506. Now the new patch is bringing this nerf. This is a mere.5 of what we are currently getting right now in the game.

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You will get even clash of clans clock tower boost more by the time (not to mention your builder work faster) than you spent on that. When you upgrade it from level 7 to Level 8, you will need to use it 206 times until the point where you got the same with your Level 8 Clock Tower compared to having not upgraded. Now that the near-constant griping about the clock tower nerf clash of clans bat spell levels has started. This was cheaper than having to boost all of them at once. I was not in a hurry and only get on the game once, maybe twice, a day to donate and get three wins. Forum Supercell Games Clash of Clans General Builder Base; Base Is the clock tower worth. One of the best features is the clock tower. Im not taking a look primarily to the fact that you can do multiple attacks without waiting but more on the upgrade level and the reward you can get.

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Let me give u all a perspective. Summary The Clock Tower is a building unlocked at Builder Hall Level. Pretty simple, I just want to show clash of clans bat spell attack you that upgrading your Clock Tower should be something very low on your list.
I.e., 1 massive 292 loot per day! Upgrading the Clock Tower will disable its ability to boost for the duration of the. Originally Posted by DarianSupercell It was clash of clans bat spell nerf never the dev team's intention to leave the Town Hall side of the base behind.

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