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Follow me on, twitter for the latest updates to my projects and guides, as well as news on the latest forum content! The wall sections and paths in between the base can easily confuse Bowlers or slow them down by smashing in the walls in their path to the Eagle Artillery and can break an attack Base Designs February 2018. The core with Dark Elixir Storage, Town Hall and Clan Castle is protected by the toughest defenses. Now you can bring two.
This upgrade is huge because it really opens up the possibilities in your attacking so I recommend to upgrade CC as soon as possible. Teslas spaced out to prevent luring in Golems/Giants and also placed to protect and take advantage of clash of clans th9 base the high HP of Storages as they shoot behind them. Clash of clans TH11 is without a question one of the countless amazing games you could come across. Air Bombs and Air Mines very well placed. New TH11 Farming/Hybrid base. The Electro Dragon is a massive beast and he is so powerful so I recommend upgrading one of the barracks at a time at the beginning of TH11.

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Want to defend to the top? Clash Of Clans - TH11 farming base - loot protection base. X-bows also have a huge range so they are worth upgrading. If you enter the core early, heavy DPS awaits. The island at the bottom will confuse the starting Queen Walk and drag her into the section instead of cleaning the trash building on the side. Attack from south Heavy continuous damage from the Eagle Artillery. This amazing TH11 Farming base is the full proof protection of your resources and the best way to gain a lot of loot from the enemy. Better anti-Golem funnel up top (thanks to the addition of more defenses). This base is gambling that you are unable to enter the core.

Ash s Town Hall 11 Base Designs and Projects Thread

Wiz Towers range twitter box clash of clans kept away from Air Defenses. Scouting Enemy, clans in, clan, war. Anti 3-Star Town Hall 11 Base. Test your favourite combo.

Clash of Clans : New Town hall 11 ( Th11 ) FARmING BaSe

Subscribe to clash of clans news twitter our weekly newsletter and we will send you our free Strategy Guide that helped more than 100,000 Clashers so far. Even better defense against Lavaloonion attacks from South now with 2 Wizard Tower placements south and away from Air Defenses! TH11, War, base, layouts and Farming, base, layouts. It gives you a better chance of being a better attacker. Try a core clash of clans india twitter with the Eagle Artillery and some decent DPS, but not clash of clans new update twitter Inferno Towers.

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The only reasonable spot to make that is at the top right section to get the defending Queen, but with clash of clans hack twitter the X-Bow plus 4 Archer Towers and the Air Defense in addition to the defending Queen, this. Put your Eagle Artillery in the middle of the base and you are going to love. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for. They are worth spending time and gold.

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6 Golem Ring Base 3 Star Attack Strategy TH10/ TH11 about clash of clans th11 base

The general layout of the base is like the house of a snail and theres no way through the middel so troops will have to go round the base until finally getting to the point where the Eagle. All bases here feature the up-to-date techniques in base design to defend well against all popular attacks. Top 1000 Town hall 11, clash of, clans. Good War Base Town Hall 11 First annotation from me, set both of the Inferno Towers to Single-Target Mode, but everything else in this bas is fine as.
Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here. Launch an attack in the simulator or modify with the base builder. Titanium (Trophy/War) Build: m/watch? You need to upgrade the storages to max some of the buildings and troops. Solid anti-Golem/Giant/Loon ring just like the original Hypercube. This, tH11, war, base keeps dealing damage on all kind of attacks that use Healers (and there s none working that doesn t) high and the Air Defenses are in very twc clash of clans twitter uncomfortable spots for the attacker. Inferno Towers, inferno towers can burn the visitors and invaders in no time.
Good against ground troops such as miners, hogs and giants. TH11, war, base, designs TH11, trophy cwl clash of clans twitter Farming, base, designs you can use to protect Resources, Stars Trophies and Dark Elixir for Town Hall. Every five level you add to Grand Warden, the longer his Eternal Tomb ability lasts.

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