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Level 6 is now available at Town Hall 10 instead of Town Hall 11 Costs.5 million Elixir instead of 10 million. Along with the new Builder Hall, theres also a new defense and a new troop available: Mega Tesla, super pekka, here are more details about Builder Hall 8: Resource Buildings: 1 Elixir Pump 1 Gold Mine, defensive Buildings. Lol I have them saved from the past three years. Overall, I cant help the feeling that Supercell wants us to max out faster and faster to probably close clash of clans bases th5 the gap a little bit before their new endgame content gets released.
So what sets clash of clans bases for town hall 7 the Mega Tesla apart from its not-so-Mega cousins? Definitely going to arrange my base so I get them where I want them. March Update Info (February 20th, 2018) The March Update will become a solid update in terms of content quality of life things when taking all the stuff Darian mentioned over on Reddit yesterday: Builder Hall 8 Balancing for Builder.

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No clan recruiting except in official stickies. Troop differs from her Home Village counterpart in one distinct way. Last edited by MasterEdy; December 3rd. Shes big, bad, beautiful, and goes boom! Like all other previous X-Mas obstacles, removing it will cost 25,000 Gold but you will receive 75,000 Gold after clearing. Hey SC how about showing us what the new Christmas Tree will look like? This will of course come with our traditional clash of clans bases th6 Winter theme, complete with snow effects in your village.

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Facebook - m/klausmedia instagram - m/klaus_media discord - /klausgaming. Klaus Gaming 34k Views, subscribe and join the KlausFamily! So what other way to celebrate these shocking new defenses than using a Tesla to light up our 2018, x-Mas trees! At level 1, her Overcharge deals 400 damage. 6 clash of clans bases th10 ixes Se 7 ens #LL8VV08Clan LeaderLevel 176Cup Record: 5097War Hero: 1728. Builder Hall 8 Many here, including myself, have expected that we will see Builder Hall 8 becoming available in Q1 2018 as it is finished and maxing out BH7 is by now possible if you are F2P. I have them saved from the past three years. BTW the new, christmas tree looks spectacular! Deck the halls with something Clashy. Seasonal Obstacles Guide Edge-Forcing Base Designs Darian Interview (February 4th, 2018) This weekend, Darian (Supercell Community Manager for Clash of Clans) got interviewed in the Spring Trap Show and was giving a lo t of interesting insights.

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Drop Ship: HP has clash of clans bases for sale been increased by 10 across all levels. Just wait until tomorrow when we open up the Wizard Tower's belfry. Clash of Clans - Winter 2018, update - Sneak Peek #1 - Winter Obstacle clash of clans christmas tree 2018 not spawning Magic Items. Regarding the update I think that new challenges magical items were something that they said will bring often enough to not be that surprised plus new troop levels are a every-update-thing. Complete the new Games Champion Achievement by earning personal points in Clan Games to earn some extra gems and player.

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What I can read here is that Supercell doesnt sound like they will add much of Builder Base stuff in the near future and just use it as a gap-filler. Removing the 2018 Christmas Tree! The Mega Teslas damage will hit the first target up to 7 tiles away, and then will arc to the next closest target up to 3 tiles away and deal damage to it as well. Thats a lot of boom. Speaking of obstacles, organizing your obstacles is about to become a whole lot easier. Fix that Engineer ep23, clash of Clans Klaus Gaming 19k Views. First of all, sounds like an update we all can be ok with as the first update in a new year is never a really big clash of clans christmas tree 2018 not spawning one in Clash of Clans. BH8 release Some balance changes, some new troops levels, some wall upgrades for TH11, some war tools, some new magic items, some new Clan Games challenges typing Heres the full thread.

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My first guess would be that he comes from time to time and clash of clans bases sells magical items for either resources or gems like the shop in Clash clash of clans bases th8 Royale but I can be totally wrong or maybe also. No spells or higher Town Hall). Clash of Clans, december 2018, update. Last edited by Shamwow6s7s; November 2nd, 2017 at 09:31. 1 Gem Boost Obstacle Spawn Rate (February 6th, 2018) Today we got a surprising 1 Gem Resource Boost Event for the next 8 days, so do not miss the chance to get a lot of extra resources for little Gems!
I liked the standing it got after the December Update with the SIngle Mode could really destroy Queen Walks easily buut the second more charging time probably doesnt change that much here. Reply With", november 3rd, 2017 #4, it's still early. Christmas Tree 2018, leaked (November 17th, 2018 ) With every December Update we also get. Level 4 is now available at Town Hall 9 instead of Town Hall. November 2nd, 2017 #1, oops meant to say 2017 Christmas Tree. This is how he will appear in your village: So, basically the Trader will offer you magical items for Gems every day: I know many of you guys would have hoped to trade one resource into another or maybe. Christmas Tree as a seasonal obstacle if you want to know how it will look like theres good news. I think Id like it a little bit more when I would have more left than some last troop upgrades of troops I dont use and walls Just like Clan Wars, your Clan will now earn Clan. More interested in a few more Halloween obstacles.
Now lets talk some balancing! The tree has already been leaked. Definitely going to arrange my base so I get them where I want them.

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