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This TH11 war base layout of 2018 is one of the best ones. Clash of Clans guide for levels Max Aviation. Read More: New TH9 War Base 2018. This base has several pitfalls for the attacker.
Click on the image or here to clash of clans hack 2018 ios download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here. Good War Base Town Hall 11 First annotation from me, set both of the Inferno Towers to Single-Target Mode, but everything else in this bas is fine as. Turn your village into an unbeatable fortress using these amazing base layouts for TH11. Clash Of Clans Unlimited Elixir. The perfect placement of Giant Bombs, Hidden Teslas and traps all across is the best feature of this powerful base, The Air defenses are combine with ground ones to play a tough defense strategy. TH11 WAR/ trophy base / anti 2 star TH 11 WAR base / anti lavaloon. The baiting Clan Castle with all the traps in front on one side or the backside with the inner section behind the corners that makes funneling hard make this base really nice to use the attacker. For events in the Age. With trap placement all over the base and in the most unpredictable spaces, this base is an excellent Anti-Valkyrie base.
Youre at the right place! I have been writing more about this topic here: click here! The old image of the. The defending Heroes along with the Clan Castle are deep inside the base, so theres no easy way to avoid running with the whole army into them.

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The only reasonable spot to make that is at the top right section to get the defending Queen, but with the X-Bow plus 4 Archer Towers and the Air Defense in addition to the defending Queen, this. The Hidden Teslas with Air Defenses and powerful X-Bows all around will never let any enemy troop pass through. Clash Of Clans iOS and Android (Updated Every Day) Friendly interface, simple to use for everyone. If you are looking to save the second star, this base is what you need.

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Protecting the clash of clans hack app offset Town Hall with a load of Storages works great for this base and the Air Defenses follow the 5-tile rule and make along with the X-Bows an extremely nasty setup that every Queen Charge will have problems with. Note: The following post accompanies Takuan Seiyos latest th are being kept sticky until tonight. Also Read: Best Builder Hall 5 Bases. The base designed with powerful walls structured in a way to channel enemy troops through strong defenses make the entire base just great!

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Best Th11 War Base Anti Valkyrie Base Design. It would take us a forever if we start listing out the features of clash of clans th11 this base. Missing: box, must include: box. Become the most powerful clan and top the leader board. 3.9 (78) 10 votes, clash of Clans is a war game that focuses clash of clans hack apk on strategy and management clash of clans hack ios skills. TH11 war base are often left vulnerable for Miner, Bowlers and Valkyries but this TH11 war base can sweep all them off in minutes. Tool, minimum Requirements for Mobiles/Tablets: Clash of Clans Gems Hack. The geared cannons and other structures placed around the core are the dead zone for the enemy.

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So, think no more and clash of clans th9 hybrid base use this base for a perfect win! The clash of clans th11 base is an amazing Loot Protection TH11 farming base and if youre expecting some tough enemies, this base is tougher! A major component of the gameplay of Clash of Clans is clans facing off against one another in the clan wars. This base is great if you are pushing through the Titan Leagues, it will surely win you some! NEW best (TH11) town hall 11 farming/hybrid base with replays protect loot The best Anti 2 star TH11 farming is here people! Hope this helped you and you are already working up to create a powerful clan! Welcome to the, wiki for the game Vikings: War of Clans.Here your will find many information, statistics and advice about the game edited by Plarium and available on Google play for android devices, and on the App Store for iOS devices. The base would look quite clash of clans hack vulnerable for the enemy but with his troops being crushed at the core, he will realize what this ase can. The general layout of the base is like the house of a snail and theres no way through the middel so troops will have to go round the base until finally getting to the point where the Eagle.

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TH11 trophy base/ legend league/ replays This hardcore masterpiece is one the strongest and smartest TH11 Trophy base that you can ever have. Here are the best, frequently-updated, war bases for Town Hall. But this base is designed specially for those nasty Valkyries. You need excellent strategies and clever planning to create the best from what you have.
The outer base can be luring and thats exactly what we want here. Who will win this. This structure gives a bonus to the overall defense of the base. This base is, overall, a hard to defeat and for that last star, this base is the best one. Spammers will be banned right away without warnings. The outer base with Bomb Tower and powerful air clash of clans th9 max levels defenses are themselves enough to handle the first attacks. The game can often drive you crazy but why worry because we are here with all your solutions.
Anti 3-Star Town Hall 11 Base. The Two Towers covers Books III and. The outer part of the base is covered with defenses so powerful that no enemy can pass through. Clash Of Clans TH11 WAR base/ trophy base/ legend league This TH11 trophy base is great to push through a Leagues and especially when you are into Legends League.

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