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A fully upgraded Clone Spell will be able to clone all of these. Barbarian King : No! Which troops do YOU want to see cloned! The Clone Spell is the most expensive Spell in game as it takes 4 spell housing spaces. They last a limited amount of time, and can be destroyed prematurely by defenses. We are not going to copy the Barbarian King!
These copied troops are equal in level (and health) to the original troop. This will change lots of things. Clash of, clans : clone spell, new Dark, spell. THE onion layer troll base! The cloned troops are just the same as the real ones but blue and look like glass. Only level 3 and above Clone Spell can clone Golem,.E.K.K.A and Lava Hound. It clash of clans wiki will only spawn up to a maximum housing space of troops.". 1 Max Electric Dargon And 10 Max. It can clone all troops except for Heroes.
Radius Spell Duration/Cloned Lifespan Housing Space Brewing Time Spell Factory Level Required.5 tiles 10s/30s 3 9 minutes 5 Level Cloned Capacity Cost Research Cost Research Time Laboratory Level Required 1 18 28,000 N/A N/A N/A 2 21 29,500 4,000,000. Lets take a look for more details my friends! The update on October 12th, 2016 reduced its brewing time from 20 minutes to 12 minutes. Clone, spell is the new, spell which was released in the. The copied troops can only last a limited amount of time and it is 15s.

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This can be useful if you don't have Wall Breakers, Jump Spells or any other means of easily getting past the walls. Retrieved from " m/wiki/Clone_Spell? Clash of clans new clone spell! Among all permanent Troops and Spells, the Clone Spell is the only one whose introduction into the game doesn't also introduce a new upgrade level of the corresponding army building. If more than one troop is inside the deployed Clone Spell, the troop spawned first will be cloned first. Testing it out on tons of troops in the game! You cant clone Heroes by using this spell! Also, after the update, its also a good choice to clone Bowlers as their housing space cost was decreased a lot!

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Skeleton Spell 's clash of clans despacito download Skeletons. It can clone all troops (except Heroes of course, as stated above). Clone your troops in battle! Use a Clone Spell to get up to 7 more Balloons!

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Remember when you have just a few Balloons in the core and the Freeze Spell couldnt help you much? It will only spawn up to a maximum housing space of troops. This spell will give you additional DPS and HP to deal with all defensive buildings nearby easier. Summary, the Clone Spell is a spell that copies troops that enter the spell's radius. Using the Clone Spell when your troops are at the core of a base can be very useful, as you get more troops to power through high-hitpoint structures, such clash of clans despacito song download as the Town Hall, the Clan Castle, X-Bows, Inferno Towers, and the Eagle Artillery. Clash of, clans, new, clone, spell gameplay! In that game, it duplicates all troops in its radius and the clones have 1 hitpoint, rather than creating multiple clones (with full health and limited time) at a time.

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Clone Spells create a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies of troops that enter. It will only spawn up to clash of clans clone spell useless a maximum housing space. Laboratory Level Required, n/A, n/A, n/A d d d 9 How to use the Clone Spell effectively Okay so most of you guys are clash of clans clone spell useless asking how to use this spell effectively, right? Golems, Lava Hounds or, electro Dragons, and may also be unable to clone. Turn this spell into a pop-up army! For example, two level five Clone Spells won't clone three.

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Radius, spell Duration/Cloned Lifespan, housing Space, brewing Time. I have been using this spell for couples clash of clans download for windows 10 mobile of days and clash of clans download for nokia windows phone personally I found that the best way to use it is to place it inside the core. Spell into a pop-up army! This new stunning spell has a special ability that copies every single troop coming through the circle. Golemite is assumed to take 15 housing spaces, each.
You can turn the Clone Spell into an army to create a circle of spawning. Clone, spells create a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies of troops that enter. Due to its housing requirements, it is currently the only spell that can't be donated. If you are a fan of this guy, you definitely should give this spell a try!

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